Event Schedule

June 05

Day 1
Registration and Coffee
Designing and Implementing Safe C++ Applications
  • Amir Kirsh

Concurrency in Modern C++
  • Rainer Grimm

Linux System Programming Essentials
  • Michael Kerrisk

Coffee Break
Core C++ 2023 - Pre-Opening Evening [free registration]
  • Inbal Levi

  • Bryce Adelstein Lelbach

  • David Sankel

June 06

Day 2
Registration and Coffee
Welcome to Core C++ 2023!
Keynote :: Approaching C++ safety
  • Bjarne Stroustrup

Coffee Break
Let's talk about C++'s Abstraction Layers
  • Inbal Levi

Instruction Level Parallelism in Your C++ Program
  • Ivica Bogosavljevic

Being RESTful with billions of dollars in transactions, thanks to C++, JSON and HTTP
  • Kevin Carpenter

Lightning Updates
  • Hana Dusíková

C++23 ranges: conceptual changes and useful practicalities
  • Dvir Yitzchaki

Running Away From Computation - An Introduction
  • Mike Shah

Accelerated C++ with OpenMP
  • Gal Oren

Virtual templated methods
  • Noam Weiss

UB effects on real world projects
  • Elazar Leibovich

Scope Sensitive Programming
  • Eran Talmor

Does the C++ compiler work too hard?
  • Alex Cohn

Linker & Loader: The build process after-party
  • Tomer Vromen

Easy to use, hard to misuse: Practical guidelines to tame your API
  • Yossi Moalem

Expressive Compile Time Parsers
  • Alon Wolf

Lazy and Proud: How I Failed to Standardize lazy_counted_iterator
  • Yehezkel Bernat

Better Code: Exploring Validity
  • David Sankel

Understanding Linux user namespaces
  • Michael Kerrisk

From a modern to an unbelievably modern C++
  • Daisy Hollman

  • Coral Kashri

Multi-Paradigm Programming and Beyond
  • Chris Ryan

Coffee Break
Meetup & Lightning Talks

June 07

Day 3
Registration and Coffee
The Imperatives Must Go!
  • Victor Ciura

Nobody Can Program Correctly. A Practical and Interactive Guide to Debugging C++ Code
  • Sebastian Theophil

MDSPAN: A Deep Dive Spanning C++, Kokkos & SYCL
  • Nevin Liber

C++ Incidental Explorations
  • Amir Kirsh

More Ranges Please
  • Roi Barkan

To Int or to Uint, This is the Question
  • Alex Dathskovsky

Coffee Break
Improving Compilation Times: Tools & Techniques
  • Vittorio Romeo

Development Strategies - The stuff around the code
  • Marshall Clow

Standard C++ toolset
  • Anastasiia Kazakova

Performance-related coding guidelines
  • Dor Rozen

  • Igor Pora-Leonovich

Building low latency, network intense applications with C++ (in Hebrew)
  • Daniel Babitsky

Lessons I learn from improving legacy product and doubling its performance (in Hebrew)
  • Gili Kamma

Compile time polymorphism: the optimization that (sometimes) isn't
  • Shachar Shemesh

The Concept of Templates
  • Rotem Ferdman

C++ Horizons
  • Bryce Adelstein Lelbach

Concurrency Improvements in C++20: A Deep Dive
  • Rainer Grimm

C++ for the cloud
  • Mike Spertus

Exceptionally Bad : The story on the misuse of exceptions and how to do better
  • Peter Muldoon

Coffee Break
Closing Remarks
Keynote :: Expressing Implementation Sameness and Similarity in Modern C++
  • Daisy Hollman

June 08

Day 4
Ready your C++ code for the multi-device, multi-vendor world
  • Guy Tamir

CUDA and the Latest Innovations in GPU Technology
  • Tomer Gal